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 WARNING: Form 15 filed with the SEC!
 China Shandong Industries
Shares Outstanding (MRQ): 44.06 mill 
New Shares / Dilution (TTM): 0.68 mill1.57%
Cash (MRQ): 3.92 mill0.00%
Account Receivables (MRQ): 13.39 mill0.00%
Account Receivables (Q/Q): + 2.36 mill  
Long-Term Debt (MRQ): NO DEBT
Revenue Growth (Q/Q): 54.25% 
Revenue Growth (Y/Y): 72.90%
Net Income Growth (Q/Q): 35.40% 
Net Income Growth (Y/Y): 49.06%
EPS Growth (Y/Y): 46.75%
Net Margin (Q/Q): 15.6% (17.8%)-2.20% 
Net Margin (Y/Y): 15.6% (18.1%)-2.50% 
EPS | P/E (2 MRQ Projection): $0.410.00 
CFPS | P/CF (2 MRQ Projection): $0.520.00 
Price/Sales (2 MRQ Projection): 0.00
Price/Book (MRQ): 0.00 
Auditor: Bongiovanni & Associates
 Forward Projections (Fiscal Year)
EPS | P/E (Estimates updated 2011-04-13): $0.300.00 
 Basic Facts and History (show more)
Reporting Type: U.S. Company (10-K Filings) 
Going Public: Reverse Merger on 2009-11-06 

 Business Outlook

On March 24, 2011, the holder of a majority of the shares of common stock of China Shandong Industries approved a forward split of such shares by a ratio of 5 for 1. The Company filed the certificate of amendment to its certificate of incorporation effectuating the Forward Split on March 25, 2011. The Forward Split will become effective on or about April 12, 2011.

(Source: 8-K Filing, 2011-03-28)

On December 22, 2010, the holder of a majority of the shares of common stock of China Shandong Industries approved a reverse split of such shares with a ratio of 1-for-1.5, which will become effective on January 18, 2011. To the extent any fractional shares of common stock result from the Reverse Split, the Company will round up any fraction of a share to the nearest whole share.

(Source: 8-K Filing, 2010-12-29)
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Current Price:  n/a
F10k Day (2010-02-17): -100.00%$4.02
2009 Close: -100.00%$2.50
2010 Close: -100.00%$1.05
2011 Close: -100.00%$0.23
High (2012-03-13): -100.00%$0.37
Low (2012-05-31): -100.00%$0.02
Exchange: N/A
Market Capitalization: n/a
Total Shares: 44.06 mill
Float: n/a
Avg Volume: n/a
Last Quarter: 2011-03-31
Revenue (MRQ): 33.55 mill
Net Income (MRQ): 5.24 mill
Op. Cash Flow (MRQ): 2.75 mill
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